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  • Application Number : KR10-2017-0012877 filed 010/2017, filed PCT 09/2017
    • Dipole type mocrowave sensor and wireless power transfer for bloodless glucose level measurements
  • Applicatino Number : KR10-2017-0017809 filed 09/2017
    • Capacitive sensor outside blood vessell to measure the change in the permittivity in nthe blood for glucose measurement
  • Application Number : KR10-2017-0138589 filed 10/2017
    • Minimizing swelling & contraction of blood vessels with microsystems attached to prosthetic graft
  • Application Number : KR10-20017-0150536 filed 11/2017
    • Correction circuit for in-body glucose monitoring system for self calivration caused by blood vessel pulastion