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Continuous glucose measurement system (CGMS)

Emergence of Enzyme-based 2nd generation CGMS (1999) and limitations:

  • Limitation on accuracy and persistence (calibration required twice-a-day)
  • Economic burden due to short sensor replacement cycle (1 week)
  • Time lag issues due to interstitial fluid-based measurements/li>
  • Skin troubles due to sensor taping
2.5-generation CGMS implanted in the body
  • June 2018, US FDA approved implantable CGMS Eversence from Senseonics
  • FY2018 sales of Senseonics in the US: US$18.9M (about 20 billion won)

  • Due to the limitations of the fluorescent material-based sensor, it needs to be replaced every 3 months.
  • Still, the price per sensor is over $1,000, which is over $4,200 per year.
  • Still, the problem of “time-lag”, a limitation of interstitial fluid (ISF)-based CGMS