Smart Bio-Sensor Solutions SB Solutions

Business Model

  • In-vivo system
    • No more pain
    • No recurring cost
  • Convenient monitoring
    • monitoring anytime, anywhere
    • Big data accumulation
  • application link
    • Programs that are mutually beneficial for hospitals and MDs
    • Pre-order insulin/drugs
    • Hospital appointment, MD meeting
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Korea United States of America Europe sum
number of diabetic patients 0.5M 4.6M 5.8N 10M
Sales revenue
(1% market share)
$2.5M $23M $29M $54.5M (65.4 billion won)
monthly incomes $4.5M $41.4M $52.2M $98M (117.6 billion won)
  • The most cost-competitive solution compared to competitors
  • SB solutions product < $900/year vs. Competitors > $5,200/year