Bringing Smile to Diabetic Patients with
Non-invasive Glucose Monitoring

About Us

SB solutions is developing continuous glucose measurement system (CGMS) which can be used for many years with one-time sensor insertion. We are a global company that tries to bring the quality life back to the diabetic patients.

Franklin Bien

Based on advanced technology, we will do our best for diabetic patients all over the world, United States, Europe, Asia, & etc.

Yonsei University, Electronic Engineering, Bachelor (1997)
Georgia Institute of Technology, Electronic Engineering, MSc (2000)
Georgia Institute of Technology, Electronic Engineering, PhD (2006)
56 SCI level papers, 66 international academic competition papers
78 domestic patents, 29 US/EU/PCT applied & registered
2010 Best Teaching Faculty Award
2013 Best Research Achievement Professor Award
2017 Korean Society of Electronic Engineering Paper Award
2018 Best Researcher Award, Korean Institute of Electronics and Information Engineers
2020 Best Researcher Award, Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering & Science
Agilent Technologies, USA (2000.5~2002.12)
Quellan, Inc., USA (2003.1-2004.12)
Staccato Communication, USA (2007.3~2009.2)
ZN Technology / ZN Ocean, (2016.8-2018.8), CTO, Korea
Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Professor (2009.2~)
Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology (2011.3~2015.12)
Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology External Relations Director (2016.1 ~ 2017.12)
Samsung-Ulsan Institute of Science and Technology Display Research Center Director (2012.3~)
Introduction of key members


Jungwoo Shin, Director
ChongKunDang Pharm, Inc., Korea
Regulatory Affairs & Approvals
JaeWoo Kim, Legal Counsel
Muhann Patent & Law,
IP & Legal Strategy
Mingyu Je, Technical Advisor
Professor, KAIST
A*Star, Singapore / Samsung Electronics
Kangil Bien, Technical Advisor
Professor, UNIST
Sensor design
Kangin Lee, Technical Advisor
Prefessor, Sungkyunkawan University
SoC design
Hyungki Min, Director of R&D
LG Electronics, Korea
Circuit design
Seungup Seo, Principal Engineer
EMW, Korea
Hardware and System Design
Jagannath Malik, Manager
IIT India, Postdoc UNIST, Korea
Sensor Design
Namhwan Sung, Principal Engineer
YW Co., Korea
Algorithm, Firmware
Hyunjin Kim, Principal Engineer
Haedong Lee, Senior Engineer
Daedeok Technology, Korea
Sungmoon Kim, Senior Engineer
UNIST Ph.D. continuing
Circuit design
Jiwoong Song, Senior Engineer
KLIC, Korea
Algorithm, Firmware
Donghyun Kim, Junior Engineer
Electronic Circuits
Operation TEAM
Youngmi Huh, Director
Green Tech, Korea
Finance & Human Resources Management
Joonsuk Min, Department Head
Inzi Group, Korea
Jungin Yeo, Staff
Sky Industry, Korea
Human resource/General Affairs
Medical Advisors
Seungbu Yang, Professor (MD)
Soonchunhyang University Gumi Hospital
Planning Department, Surgery Specialist
Jiyoon Jung, professor (MD)
Department of Metabolism and Endocrinology, Soonchunhyang University Gumi Hospital,
Diabetes Specialist
Jongmo Seo, professor (MD)
Seoul National Univ. Hospital
Youngmin Jo, professor (MD)
Seoul National Univ. Hospital
Changhui Jung, professor (MD)
Asan Medical Center